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For some reason, this first video called “Welcome To The Bio Hacking Academy” keeps starting at some other time point than 0:00, so when you start up the video, please rewind it to 0:00 so you don’t miss anything. I haven’t figured out how to fix the bug yet. Thanks!

This video is to raise awareness and support for an orphanage in India called Emmanuel Ministry. They need financial assistance to remain open, and to grow to take care of even more orphans. You can give to support Emmanuel Ministry by sending a donation to Tracy Millsaps at and then put “For Emmanuel Ministry” in the “Notes” section. If you do not have PayPal, I’m pretty sure you can still use a regular credit or debit card and you will still receive the same consumer protection as with regular PayPal. Tracy does not see your bank info, PayPal guards that. The ministry mentioned in this video is in desperate need and every bit of help would be really appreciated! Thanks!
Please read the description for this video on my youtube page for full info. Kratom is NOT for everybody, but it’s an incredible blessing and lifesaver for the RIGHT people and the RIGHT reasons.
This is an IN-DEPTH lesson on Serotonin, though I go much deeper into it in my 1-On-1 Private Coaching and in my upcoming Bio Hacking Mastery Course! Please send me a message on the Contact page if you want me to tutor you on anything related to body chemistry, brain chemistry or any areas in which you wish to “hack” your life to make it better!