Delta 8: CBD’s stronger cousin. What is it, and is it right for you?

Delta 8-THC is one of the newest natural cannabinoids on the block, and it boasts more medicinal benefits than CBD and less psychoactivity than the regular ol’ THC found in Marijuana, which is called Delta 9-THC. Delta 8 is naturally occurring in marijuana and hemp plants, however it is a trace compound in everything except very old marijuana that has sat out in the sun and heat for a long time. However, both traditional, regular ol’ THC and CBD can both be converted into Delta 8 through various refinement processes. Because of the way the 2018 Farm Bill was written, if Delta-8 or the CBD that is used to produce it is present in Industrial Hemp plants that are grown in a legal, licensed manner, then that resulting Delta 8 and every other cannabinoid present in the hemp is considered legal to possess, use, sell or distribute as long as the Delta 9-THC content is below 0.3% of the hemp or hemp preparation on a dry weight basis.

Thus, Delta 8 is legal on a federal level as long as it is derived from industrial hemp plants that were grown by a licensed grower in accordance with federal and state regulations. However, there are several states that have made Delta 8-THC illegal or made it available only by prescription, even though it is legal under Federal law within the confines of the 2018 Farm Bill. However, in my state of North Carolina, and in nearly 40 states, hemp derived Delta 8 is legal to buy and use. 

Delta 8-THC, despite it’s name, is technically an isomer of CBD, not THC. While Delta 8 shares structural similarity to regular THC, it’s effects are more like a mixture of those of CBD and THC, with a little bit additional unique attributes to it that you won’t get from either CBD or regular THC (that is, Delta 9-THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana).


Delta 8-THC WILL make you test positive for regular THC on a drug test, and the only way to clear yourself if this happens is to have the test sent off to be further analyzed to prove that the metabolites did not come from Delta 9-THC (which is the illegal form). So, with that in mind, use Delta 8 at your own risk. That is in reference to employment drug testing. DO NOT use Delta 8 if you are on probation or have to pass a drug test as part of your medical care, because they will not give you the time of day to prove yourself to them that you did not consume an illegal product. You will be arrested or cut off from your prescription drug therapy in such cases due to the evil and corruption in today’s legal and medical systems.


Delta 8-THC has been shown by many people to possess all of the same medicinal benefits of CBD and THC, except that it causes less mental alteration than regular THC found in marijuana (Delta 9-THC). Delta 8 has been shown to be more effective than traditional THC in treating/preventing nausea and vomiting, and it was even given to children in considerably high doses in clinical trials with far less negative side effects than what are reported from regular Delta 9-THC and manmade prescription anti-nausea drugs. This was regarding children with cancer who were undergoing chemotherapy, studies done in Israel by world renowned cannabinoid researcher and scientist Raphael Mechoulam and done in conjunction with various medical centers, doctors and scientists. Mr Mechoulam also reports on nearly 500 cases of Delta 8 THC being used to treat cancer, either by killing all of the cancer cells or by greatly reducing the size of the tumors and slowing their growth. Delta 8-THC is reported to be effective for treating a variety of types of pain, as well as helping reduce or temporarily eliminate anxiety, depression and insomnia in SOME people, as well as helping some people suffering from IBS and other bowel problems.

I only found out about Delta 8 a few weeks ago (as of the time of writing this), and while I was nervous to try it and unsure whether I wanted to, a new health problem I was having had been going on for about a week or more already right around the time I heard of Delta 8. This pushed me to the point where I either had to get on a prescription drug that is expensive and laden with regulation and red tape, OR find a natural solution that could fill it’s place.

I first saw Delta-8 THC listed on a CBD Hemp supply store that I receive texts on my phone from. I ordered a vape cartridge, the brand/manufacturer was called “Alt Cannabinoids”. It wasn’t filled with e-liquid… I don’t do that kind of vaping anymore. This was filled with Delta 8 distillate, which is a very thick, highly purified resin that is vaporized from the same kind of “pen” that’s used for regular e-cig cartridges. I got mine for about $20, and it came with a couple of attachments which I didn’t use or used improperly and had to throw away.

Before buying the Delta 8, I researched a lot to see what it’s like. I’m VERY sensitive to regular THC, and knowing that the Delta 8 extract cartridge was 92% Delta 8-THC content, I was concerned that even one hit (inhalation) would be too strong, because I don’t like the feeling that I’ve gotten in the past from too much regular ol’ THC like you get from weed or prescription dronabinol pills (which I used to have a prescription for which lasted several months, but they caused more problems than what they helped).

Anyway, what I found out about Delta 8’s effects in comparison to CBD and regular Delta 9- THC was that Delta 8 WAS psychoactive (ie it can get you high) but in a gentler, milder, easy going way compared to regular THC (Delta 9) which can cause paranoia and anxiety in too high of a dosage. I learned that Delta 8 had a stronger effect than CBD but that it was just right for most people’s needs, and provided a sharper mind and improved cognition compared to regular Delta-9 THC. 

I decided to be very cautious when I got the cartridge in the mail about a week later. I plugged it up to my vape pen and took one small and brief puff, like 1/4 of a second long. It had virtually no taste or smell, and it didn’t have any terpenes (essential oil compounds) or flavorings added to it. The effect was very quick to first come on, and I noticed first a sharpening and brightening of my vision. The effects built over the next 10 minutes or so, and while it wasn’t TOO STRONG, it was stronger than I expected or even necessarily wanted. It took a little getting used to. The physical feeling I got in my body was pretty much identical to the feeling I get from regular THC or higher doses of CBD. 

Anyone who has experienced cannabis before  knows what I’m talking about. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s a strange tingly, electrical/vibration type of sensation that covers your skin and also seems to buzz around in the air around your body. If you’re reading this and have never consumed any type of marijuana or hemp products, then please start with CBD. CBD is milder than Delta 8-THC, while regular Delta 9-THC is stronger still. Delta 8 is for people who do not get adequate pain relief, nausea relief or relaxation from CBD alone. If you feel that you need or want to try Delta 8, I’d suggest taking some CBD before the Delta 8 to give you a better “entourage effect” and make it calmer from a psychological standpoint in case you accidentally overdo it on the dosage of Delta 8. Only once you’ve tried Delta 8 with CBD a few times should you try raising the dose of Delta 8 or consuming it solo, without CBD.

That warning goes for people who are newbies to cannabis or have only used CBD. For people who are used to using regular marijuana/Delta 9-THC, Delta 8 will seem much calmer and chill to them right from the beginning. I just want to make sure that all people of all backgrounds know how to use Delta 8 safely if they choose to try it.

So, what are the benefits I’ve received from taking Delta 8?

Well, for starters, I need to state that what I have felt from it thus far may be a little bit different than what most people feel, because I have Kratom in my system 24/7 pretty much, though some parts of the day the amount of Kratom in my bloodstream is too low to notice. I have tried Delta 8 along with my normal dose of Kratom, and I’ve also tried Delta 8 when the Kratom was at too low of a level for me to notice. I also have caffeine in my system most of the day so that can also affect my Delta 8 experience, though I have tried Delta 8 when caffeine has been high and very low in my system so I can compare those as well.

With all of that being said, in general, Delta 8 feels similar to traditional Delta 9-THC and CBD in regards to the tactile feeling it produces in your body and the way they all affect your vision… at least at first. The feeling changes part of the way through. You see, Delta 8 starts off feeling like a cross between regular THC (that is, Delta 9 THC) and CBD, however, depending on the method of administration that you used, how long this feeling lasts can vary. Inhaled or topical/transdermal (through the skin) methods of taking Delta 8 feel more like regular cannabis than taking it orally as an edible oil or in food. Either way, at some point the typical “cannabinoid” type of feeling in your body fades away and transitions into a very soft, warm, fuzzy feeling that is very similar to what you get from opiates. I will explain why this happens in a minute, but it is nothing to fear.

While some people like the typical “cannabinoid” feeling in their body and mind, I find the opiate-like feeling more comfortable and better suited to helping my particular ailments, most of the time, while too strong of a “cannabinoid” feeling in my body can cause anxiety for me… and this can happen even from high doses of CBD. Anyways, when Delta-8 transitions over to producing the opiate-like feeling, it does so because Delta 8 activates the CB2 receptor, which lab studies (in mice) have shown to cause a release of endorphins (beta-endorphin to be precise). Endorphins are a naturally occurring opioid compound that our bodies create and release during different activities. Endorphins are released during exercise, after a major stressful event has subsided, during and after sex/masturbation/orgasm, during eating good tasting food, etc. Endorphins are usually released inside the body at the same time as Anandamide, which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid-like compound in our body. Both are usually active at the same time, and the combination of their effects explains at least some of the cause behind naturally occurring euphoria (ie not drug induced). 

So, because Delta 8 activates the CB2 receptor in addition to activating the CB1 receptor (which regular Delta 9-THC does), and because activating the CB2 receptor releases endorphins, as the activity at the CB1 receptor fades and the CB2/endorphin activity remains for a while longer, that’s what produces that opiate-like feeling that Delta 8 transitions into. 

When Delta 8 transitions over into this opiate-like feeling, it makes the eyelids feel heavy, and it can induce a slight “nod” just like regular opiates do, depending on how high of a dose you’ve taken. Because I take Kratom too, I get a stronger opiate-like feeling from Delta 8 than most people will who take Delta 8 on it’s own, by itself. 

After I’d tried out the Delta 8 vape cartridge for a while, I found a site selling some Delta 8 in oral form, in the form of an oil… like CBD oil, but it was just Delta 8 dissolved in Coconut Oil. I have experimented with this and while I do like it, it is much more mild and more opiate-like in effect than inhaled or topical Delta 8. Once you’ve been vaping Delta 8 or applying it to your skin (dissolved in oil or alcohol) for a few days straight, and then you try taking it orally, the your tolerance to it’s effects is much higher right from the get-go and it’s affects are much milder and slower to kick in. Doing it this way may produce a bit of that standard cannabinoid feeling for a little while, but for the most part it’s similar to CBD oil or a low dose of codeine. This can be advantageous in some situations where the typical cannabinoid type of feeling would be unwelcome but you still need the medicinal benefits that Delta 8 has to offer. When combined with caffeine, the result is a calm, warm and fuzzy and relaxed feeling with enough energy and mental clarity to successfully knock out most tasks that people would face day to day. However, I would not recommend driving under the influence of Delta 8 until you are VERY used to it’s affects and will not be consuming intoxicating quantities close to the time you plan to get behind the wheel.

Delta 8 DOES produce tolerance rather quickly, though the tolerance to it’s “weed-like” effect develops much faster than tolerance to it’s more soft and fuzzy opiate-like effect. When you still feel the opiate-like effect but no longer feel the “weed-like” effect from it, you’ll know that you may need to increase your dose just a little or stay where you are a little longer if you prefer the gentle, opiate-like feeling. However, if you stay at the same dose long enough, the soft and fuzzy feeling will eventually go away too. Once you no longer feel anything at all from a dose, that’s when it’s time to increase your dose or take a break for several days or more to reset your tolerance.

Now, I need to post some warnings.

First of all, higher doses of Delta 8-THC can temporarily raise your blood pressure and heart rate because of the speedy, rushing effect that larger doses will produce, just like regular Delta 9-THC from marijuana. This effect tends to only last for about 10-20 minutes and then your blood pressure will actually begin to lower below it’s typical level. Lower and medium doses of Delta 8 that do not feel intense will lower your blood pressure pretty much right from the get-go. This happens because Delta 8-THC causes your body to increase production and release of Acetylcholine, which expands your blood vessels and lowers your blood pressure. Delta 8 also lowers your blood pressure and expands your blood vessels by opening up potassium channels, which will increase your blood potassium and lower your sodium/potassium ratio. Also, lower and medium doses of Delta 8 can lower your blood sugar too, just like CBD can do. So, if you plan to consume CBD and/or Delta 8-THC, be sure to have some medium or high glycemic carbs (something not high in fiber) and something salty. If you start feeling light headed, consuming some carbs and salt should make you feel better. CBD and Delta 8 may also block calcium channels, and this could contribute to some of the negative side effects that can arise from higher doses of CBD and/or Delta 8-THC. So, consider adding some dairy or some food source of calcium to the list of foods to consume if you start feeling light headed when using CBD or Delta 8.

Because of these mechanisms of action (the potassium, acetylcholine and blood sugar effects), people should not use Delta 8-THC or even CBD for that matter in conjunction with ACE-inhibitors, sodium channel blockers, or any other drug that lowers blood pressure or blood sugar. If you take these kinds of medications and you STILL want to try CBD or Delta-8, use caution and start with a very low dose of CBD or Delta 8 to see how it affects you in conjunction with your medications. If you have a doctor who is well educated in the science of cannabinoids or is friendly to your use of them, then I would advice speaking to them about your plans to use CBD or Delta 8, and ask them to listen to you for feedback and look into possibly altering your dose of prescription medication to accommodate for the effects blood pressure, blood sugar, and potassium/sodium related effects of CBD or Delta 8. Print this article out, highlight this section and take it with you to the doctor if necessary to ensure that he/she gets the right info about the pharmacology of CBD and Delta 8-THC.

The next warning applies more to inhaled or skin-applied Delta 8, but it could also apply to edible forms. When you take Delta 8-THC via inhalation or apply it to your skin through a rapidly absorbed medium like alcohol or MCT oil, it feels almost identical to traditional Delta 9-THC that is found in marijuana, with the only exception being that there are LESS mental affects such as confusion and paranoia. Because inhalation and topical/transdermal use can produce a feeling very similar to regular THC, it is important to be careful about your dosage, because taking even a little bit too much Delta 8 can cause the same scary feeling that too much Delta 9-THC can cause. While I do think that this feeling occurs because that was how God INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED it to affect people once their dose reached the upper limits that God wanted people to consume (as a built in abuse deterrent), it can be frightening nonetheless. Taking too high of a dose of Delta 8 or regular ol’ Delta 9-THC can be physically and psychologically uncomfortable, and being in such a state also poses spiritual danger to you. When you consume too much and you enter this confusing, scary space, it is easier for demons to mess with you and put evil/fraudulent thoughts in your head. 

Because of this, I advise EVERYONE who wishes to use Delta 8 to be watchful and mindful that you don’t overdo it and take an amount that leaves you open to a panic attack and demonic control. This is the level/dose where you are no longer in control of the drug but it controls you. This is NOT a good place to be in, but with the exception of Alcohol and other GABAergic drugs like Xanax, Valium and Barbiturates (most commonly “Aceta-Butal-Caf”) which make you feel calm and fearless even in high doses, with most other categories of drugs (especially cannabinoids), the dose at which the drug controls you is unpleasant and produces a frightening sensation like you are going crazy, feel like you are going to die or feel very sick. Almost every type of psychoactive plant medicine causes this to happen at higher doses, which are beyond the dosage level that God intended for people to take. 

While I believe that God created them that way on purpose to try to scare people away from over-consumption of psychoactive plants, I still recognize that it is an uncomfortable experience that can open you to racing heart beat, high blood pressure, temporary psychosis and the possibility of being controlled or possessed by a demon. That is why I’m placing such a big emphasis on controlling your dosage when taking Delta 8, and in fact I believe that God specifically told me to tell people this when I shared info about Delta 8. By following my guidelines, you can enjoy the medicinal benefits and slight “pleasure value” of Delta 8-THC without overdoing it and experiencing the negative effects that can come from excessive use.

So, in closing, I want to give an example of how people should go about starting off with Delta 8 and how to properly control their dosage. 

For use in Vape pens:

If you have NO tolerance to regular THC, then when turning on a vape pen with a distillate cartridge attached, after turning it on, hold down the vape button for 1 second and inhale at the same time that you are holding down the button. Take a quick little puff/hit and hold it in your lungs for about 5 seconds, then exhale. Now, turn the pen off and sit and wait. You should feel the effects begin immediately though mild at first, and within about 15 or 20 minutes you’ll have reached the highest strength of effects, and then it will gradually begin to fade and transition into that OH SO COMFY warm and fuzzy, soft feeling all over your body that feels similar to codeine. The remaining effects should last for about 1 to 1.5 hours. If you take a typical dose of CBD oil or vape a small dose of full spectrum CBD concentrate/hemp flower prior to vaping the Delta 8, it will feel virtually identical to regular marijuana except there will be little or none of the negative psychological effects that traditional THC can cause.

A short 1 second puff of Delta 8 from a concentrate vape cartridge will be around 0.7 to 1 milligram of Delta 8-THC depending on the purity of the distillate that is in your cartridge. Most Delta 8 concentrates on the market today range from 65% to 95% Delta 8-THC, with the remaining percentage of compounds being other cannabinoids and compounds that were extracted from the plant, and possibly terpenes, which are like the essential oil of the plant. However, the more yellow or orange the color of the extract is inside the vape cartridge, the more “full spectrum” the effect will be. My 92% Delta 8 distillate from my cartridge actually feels “incomplete” and less effective than if I consume it along side some CBD extract or hemp flower.

For use in edible Oil or other oral form:

The oil that I use is from a company called Loud House Hemp, and it is 700mg of Delta 8-THC in 30 mL of MCT oil (which is fractionated coconut or palm oil that stays liquid at room temperature. After calculations, this oil turns out to be 777 micrograms of Delta 8 per drop from its included bottle dropper. 777 micrograms equals 0.777 milligrams. If you swallow this oil immediately, the effect is much more subtle and takes a few hours to kick in, and even for someone with NO tolerance to regular THC, they probably wouldn’t notice anything from 1 drop consumed orally. They’d have to take at least 2 or 3 drops to feel something from swallowing them. If you drip the drops onto your tongue and just sit there and close your mouth and hold it on your tongue for a minute, it will absorb much faster and easier.

For someone brand new to trying Delta 8, if you have no tolerance to regular THC (ie you don’t use marijuana on a regular basis), then start with 1 drop on your tongue. You can just stick your tongue out while holding the dropper in front of you and watch yourself drip one drop onto the front part of your tongue, then you can cap up the bottle and hold your tongue and mouth still for a minute for the drop to absorb. You should feel effects from this almost immediately and it should fully kick in within 15-20 minutes. Try this, and see how you feel. If you feel like that dose was too low, wait until the next day and try 2 drops on your tongue, using the same method I just described. Gradually increase the dose from there as needed, going up by 1 drop at a time until you find the dose that’s best for your needs.

For topical use:

You will need Delta 8 dissolved in some liquid for this to work, so since most versions available are oral oil forms like what I described above from Loud House Hemp, we’re going to use that in this example. 

So, you can rub the Delta-8 oil anywhere on your skin, but rubbing it over your wrist or the “IV” location in your inner elbow is the best place to apply it since the Delta 8 will absorb into your blood stream much faster if it’s rubbed in over top of some visible veins.

I made some Delta 8 dissolved in 91% Isopropyl alcohol, and it kicks in just as fast as inhaling it, but most of my readers won’t have the skill or knowledge or desire to make this kind of thing safely and correctly at home, so I won’t bother telling how I made it, at least for now in this article. 

The Delta 8 oil that we are using in this example is dissolved in MCT oil, and while it absorbs slower when applied topically, it still kicks in pretty quickly… within a minute or two. For this method, just drip 1 drop onto your wrist or other venous area of your body and rub it in until the greasiness feeling is pretty much gone, or it is absorbed into the skin as much as it will in that moment. Then just wait for the effects, and that’s it. Same as with trying the oil by mouth, if 1 drop is not sufficient to give you the effect you desire, wait until the next day and try 2 drops and see how that feels. Keep going, gradually increasing your dose by 1 drop of Delta-8 oil until you find the dose that works best for you.

For other inhalation methods:

Ok so for this one, I REALLY don’t recommend that any of my readers do this category unless or until they have a relatively high tolerance to Delta 8 already (from oral, topical or vape pen use), or if you are someone who already has a tolerance to traditional THC like that found in marijuana or dronabinol capsules. I say this because after a few days of receiving and using the Delta 8 vape cartridge, I decided to extract the Delta 8 from the cartridge, and when I took the mouthpiece off of the cartridge, it had a little bit of Delta 8 distillate stuck to the bottom of it. I used a paperclip to scoop off just a TINY, TINY amount of distillate, a SUPER tiny amount, and I used it in an e-nail (an electronically heated dab rig) which is used for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. This TINY little speck of Delta 8 distillate used in my e-nail dab rig got me BLASTED to a level I did not want to be at and was not comfortable at all! I managed to not panic and I went in the kitchen to eat and drink and watch TV and that helped keep me sane until the effects weakened to a comfortable level. I realized at that point that if I wanted to vaporize Delta 8 I had to do so in a vape pen or dilute the pure distillate into some CBD extract or hemp flower at a carefully measured dose so that I would have just the right amount each time I used my vaporizer or e-nail, and not have a repeat of what occurred with my first Delta 8 dab attempt. 

So, if you already consume regular THC on a frequent basis (for medicinal or recreational purposes) then Delta 8 may not be for you, or it may, depending on how it makes you feel compared to regular Delta 9-THC and what your medicinal needs are. If you meet this qualification, or if you have reached the point where you need over 10 puffs from a Delta 8 distillate concentrate vape pen to get your proper medicinal level of effects (where you can function properly and aren’t out of your mind), then you can go ahead and try dabbing Delta 8 but do so with EXTREME CAUTION regarding your dosage. Use a sewing needle or a lengthened out paperclip to measure your Delta-8 extract out of the container and into the dab rig, e-nail or nectar collector, and start with the tiniest amount you can scoop up and fit on the end of the needle or paperclip. After you’ve dabbed that, wait at least one and a half hours before trying a larger sized dose if the first was insufficient, but even then be VERY gradual and careful with how much you increase the size of your dab serving.

Alright, so that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m not sure when or if I’ll sell any Delta 8 or other types of hemp products, but I’ll certainly keep using them for my own medical needs and teaching other people how to do the same in as safe and cautious and mature of a manner as possible. As of right now, I don’t have any financial connection to the companies that I mentioned whose Delta 8 products I bought, but if I ever become an affiliate for them or for anyone else, I will let you know that I may receive a commission payment if people purchase such products through links that I would provide in the article. However, as of right now, I have no such arrangement and at this point in time I will not benefit financially if you make purchases from the companies I mentioned in this article.

Here are their websites if you want to check them out for yourself:

This one links to a page with various Delta 8 products:

This link is to the specific cartridge I bought:

If the link above doesn’t work, copy and paste it into a URL browser. My wordpress editor was giving me an error with this link.

This is where I bought the Delta 8 Oil (I bought the 700mg bottle):–tinctur8.html

I have purchased some more Delta 8 products from another manufacturer and I am still waiting on them to arrive and try them out. Once I try them out I will update this article to include a link to purchase through them IF they are of good enough quality to get my stamp of approval.

If you place an order with any of the companies I’ve mentioned in this article, if there is any problem with shipping delays or payment processing, I apologize but you will have to take the issue up with them if that occurs. I cannot control when such things happen, but the two companies I listed above have treated me well and courteous at all times.

I hope this has been an informative article for you guys! I hope you’ve learned a lot of helpful info, and I can’t wait to hear back from you if you decide to give Delta 8 a try. Please reach out to me and let me know what you think, along with any questions you may have as it pertains to hemp, cannabinoid science, health questions in general, etc. Leave a comment below, send me a message through the email contact box on my Contact page, or connect with me on Facebook or Youtube. Also, please Like, Subscribe and share this content so that more people can learn the valuable information that you just learned today.

Take care, and have a Blessed Day!

– Joshua Porch, Founder and CEO of Bio Hacking Academy