Ok, so I guess this would be my first real blog post after the introduction. I figured that I should first and foremost explain my goals for and through the Bio Hacking Academy, because it is important that people understand where I’m coming from and how I can help them.

It wasn’t until quite recently that I discovered through x-rays from my Chiropractor (the 3rd one I’d tried) that I have scoliosis and that it appeared to have been juvenile, starting around age 10 or 11, the doctor believes. This is the age that I began experiencing frequent back pain, though I didn’t know the cause. I know now that there is at least one additional cause of my pain aside from the scoliosis, and while I’m still working on figuring it all out, I’ve got a pretty good understanding of the mechanics of it… the muscle and nerve pain that is.

You see, I wasn’t able to see a doctor about my back pain until I was 18 years old (or maybe it was 19) but even when I did go, I spent years and years trying tons of different tests, medicines and non-drug therapies, and almost none of them helped. Over the years, I tried over a dozen medicines for pain, and only opiates worked well. Synthetic cannabinoids and real marijuana worked too but only in doses that were uncomfortably strong, so that wasn’t a realistic option either. I couldn’t get any opiates besides tramadol prescribed for any lengthy period, and even that eventually stopped working well and started causing frequent nausea and vomiting.

After so many years of trial and error, and tons of money from me and my parents flushed down the drain in a broken medical system, I decided that I wanted to try the natural route (for the most part). I had been studying pharmacology and biology and chemistry and psychology for many years up to this point, but I still had a lot to learn to get to the point of knowledge that I’m at today. I had to do lots of testing, using myself as a guinea pig, testing out all sorts of different herbs and a few man-made substances which weren’t illegal through different consumption methods and for different desired effects, all seeking something to kill the pain and ease my mind from the constant stresses of my life. I had many failures, many scary moments where I thought I’d poisoned myself and was thankful when it was all over. It was all because I took too much of something or didn’t know a certain combination would cause a negative reaction. However, through perseverance, research, and God’s divine protection, I kept improving my knowledge of the human body, herbs, drugs, the mind, the spirit, and more while learning how to do all these things more safely.

At some later point, I’ll perhaps go into some of the extreme stresses of my life that I went through as a kid, teenager and even in my 20’s (I’m 29 now). I will say, however, that stress from many circumstances that were out of my control took a huge toll on my health, and I focused heavily on stress, pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia relief options that were all natural, not-too-weak and not-too-strong. Over time, I got better and better at my craft and learned techniques for improving other areas of life like hormonal health (for men that is), muscle building, fat burning, sexual enhancement and cognitive enhancers (AKA “Brain Boosters”). I even made some other cool discoveries that I’ll share some other time.

The point is, I realized over time that I knew more about the functioning of the human body, the functioning of herbs, supplements and nutrition than almost anyone I knew. Only 2 doctors I ever met knew things that I didn’t, at least based upon our discussions. Most of the doctors I visited were 100% ignorant about some medical knowledge that seemed basic and common knowledge to me, something that was vitally important to health but which could be discovered by just a 30 to 60 second search on Google. I have respect for doctors that are truly knowledgable, reasonable and truly care about the patient above and beyond financial manipulation, but I have a strong disdain for doctors that either intentionally mislead or withhold proper info/meds from patients for various corruption reasons. I also have a disdain for doctors who don’t keep up with the latest research in medical advancements, especially as it relates to the pharmacology of the types of medicines they prescribe their patients or whose patients often need.

My mission with the Bio Hacking Academy is to educate people on how the body works, and how to use legal, non-prescription options to manipulate or “HACK” their body and brain chemistry in beneficial ways to enhance and improve their quality of life. My intent is not to persuade people to never go to a doctor or never take any synthetic drug (because sometimes they are necessary), but rather to teach people how to gauge their doctor’s competence, how to figure out what types of medicines are right for you (regardless of what your doctor tries to persuade you to take), and how to find and correctly use natural or select man-made substances and supplements that are available in stores and online, all without a prescription or without someone controlling the size and timing of your dosages, especially when they may not know your body and your health problems as good as you do.

That being said, I am not a licensed healthcare professional (yet) and what I say or type on here or any of my content should not be considered medical or legal advice, but rather an expert opinion from a highly educated researcher who studies advanced scientific research, who does not have the kind of paper certifications that the FDA and like-bodies would require me to have if I wanted to run my own practice. None of my statements on this website, videos or any other content from me have been evaluated by the FDA and none of my advice or herbal products have been FDA approved/proven for the treatment, cure, diagnosis or prevention of any disease or ailment. I teach largely off of anecdotal evidence, a variety of scientific research studies/findings from around the world, and historical uses of certain herbs for certain health problems from various cultures all around the world in ancient and modern times.

I am here to empower individuals to become healthier, happier, smarter and wiser. I have deep and powerful spiritual convictions as well, which I will share in a separate section of my site, so that those who want to hear and know can do so, while those who don’t care to hear about my spiritual beliefs don’t have to watch, listen or read about it. Thanks for reading, and please check out my Products and Samples Page to see the latest info on what I have available. Please also check out my Videos section where I teach various lessons on Bio Hacking (basic and easy to implement stuff) and do herbal product reviews.

If you want to subscribe to my email list, please send me an email through the Contact form and ask for your email address to be added to my list and I will do so, since I can’t set up an email opt-in window on this website right now. I don’t mail often, but when I do, you’ll be the first to be in the know about all things Bio Hacking Academy and health related.

Have a Blessed Day!

Joshua Porch

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