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Hi everyone! My name is Joshua Porch, your Bio Hacking Teacher, and I’d like to thank you for checking out the Bio Hacking Academy! Take a look around at the articles and videos sections to learn key powerful insights, concepts and strategies to understand how your body works and how to use that to your advantage to improve your health and performance in virtually every area. I do some product/supplement reviews but most of my articles and videos pertain to a specific neurotransmitter or hormone system in the human body and how you can “hack” it to achieve specific health goals.

In addition to my free articles and videos, I am offering 1-on-1 Coaching to teach you Bio Hacking, and I will be making product formulas available for sale in the coming months, where I’ll be teaching YOU how to make various herbal products at home for your own personal consumption, with easy procedures and affordable ingredients. Stay tuned to this website and my facebook page to be among the first to know when these formulas are available for purchase. In addition, I will also be available to take on a very limited number of special clients for whom I will create custom herbal formulas just for them based on their specific indications of what kind of “effects” or potential health benefits they’re looking for. This will be a premium service that will include a considerable quantity of the herbal formula (To Be Determined, but at least 1 LB, maybe more) in a dry herb formulation that can be used in a variety of ways (such as tea, capsule, inhalation, etc), though extract versions will also be available for an additional fee. The weight of these extracts will differ from the weight of the Dry Herb form due to concentration and production cost, but it will be an equivalent number of servings as the Dry Herb form. This Custom Herbal Formulation Service will be first come first serve.

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God Bless!

– Joshua Porch, Founder and CEO of Bio Hacking Academy